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Single Embryo Transfer (SET)

RADfertility is committed to single embryo transfer (SET), healthy singleton births, and superior embryo implantation. RADfertility has one of the highest SET and pregnancy rates in the country.

Why Use Single Embryo Transfer During IVF?

Single embryo transfer (SET) offers the best chance for a healthy pregnancy. RADfertility has been performing SET since 2006. We have one of the highest proportions of SETs in the U.S., and SET is a driving force of our success. Patients at RADfertility who choose elective SET have very high pregnancy rates and one of the lowest multiple birth rates in the country. Even though SET is successful, some fertility centers may choose to transfer multiple embryos. Many people either do not have insurance or have limited insurance, so both patients and providers feel a need to transfer multiple embryos to increase their likelihood of pregnancy. However, for some patients, transferring more than one embryo doesn’t necessarily increase the likelihood of pregnancy. For women under 32 years of age, transferring two embryos instead of one does not increase the likelihood of pregnancy; yet, the likelihood of becoming pregnant with twins increases by 30%. In rare instances, a single embryo can split on its own, which means that a woman with two transferred embryos could become pregnant with triplets.

How Single Embryo Transfer Affects Health and Cost

While the expenses for a twin or triplet birth are not immediately apparent during IVF treatment, multiple births cost much more than singleton births. Twins or triplets are more likely to be born prematurely, and a preterm baby’s neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) stay can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Multiple births also increase risks for mother and baby, including, but not limited to miscarriage, preterm birth and subsequent developmental and/or health consequences, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, placentation issues and stillbirth.

Learn more about SART and RADfertility’s success rates on our IVF Success Rates page.

Single Embryo Transfer at RADfertility

Transferring one embryo is the safest and most effective way to attain a healthy pregnancy. SET implantation rates for IVF are higher than transferring multiple embryos and reduces the likelihood of a twin or triplet birth to less than 2%. Due to higher success rates, lower risk of health concerns for both moms and babies, and lower cost SET IVF procedures, there has been a stronger push for SET. RADfertility was cited in Forbes as having the highest SET rate in the U.S.

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Single Embryo Transfer

RADfertility has one of the highest SET and pregnancy rates in the country.

IVF Success Rates

RADfertility leads the way through research and innovation contributing to nationally recognized success.

Peggy Sue O.


"I feel so lucky to have found RADfertility. I tried two other clinics before I expanded my search and found RADfertility. I drive an hour each way to go to them but I don’t regret a thing. They are so caring and so professional. Every time I message them they respond quickly. Every time I see them they have a friendly smile and warm welcome. They explain everything so well and I never feel lost in the process as I did elsewhere. They also took the time to figure out what was wrong. Other clinics threw up their hands, said 'I don’t know' and pushed me to try IVF."



"Dr. Feinberg and the entire staff at RADfertility are absolutely amazing. The receptionists, coordinators, nurses, and lab staff are compassionate, caring, and straight forward. I’ve had a 12-year infertility journey and I’ve tried other clinics but RADfertility was the only one I felt at ease with. They answered any questions that I had and were there any time I needed them. My coordinator, Amy, was the absolute best and always had my back. Dr. Feinberg’s dedication to his patients is incredible. You are not just a number there, you are a person with individualized needs and care."

Anupama P.


"The RADfertility team gives you so much emotional support and positivity that it adds to your strength and keeps you focused on the end goal - a healthy and happy baby."

Samantha G.


"My journey with RADfertility and Dr. McGuirk started when my husband and I were trying to conceive and were having difficulty. We went to RADfertility, where we met Dr. McGuirk. I always say she changed my life and 'fixed' me. Dr. McGuirk is always learning more about endometriosis and how to help her patients. She’s brilliant and truly cares for you! I’m eternally grateful to her and everyone at RADfertility for their unwavering support, love, and care."

Annette D.


"Every step of our journey was tailored to us. We were treated so respectfully. Every detail was clearly explained and we felt so comfortable. Rhonda Wright was a Godsend and inspiring. I highly recommend this place! I cried when my weekly appointments were done and I 'graduated.'"

Amy W.


"The day I met Dr. Neithardt I knew she was the perfect doctor for me. Dr. Neithardt was so compassionate every step of the way. She held my hand, she hugged away tears, and continued to give me hope. There are not enough 'thank you's' in the world for Dr. Neithardt and the whole RADfertility team who will forever have a special place in my heart."

Shannon M.


"RADfertility's staff has heart and provided me with exceptional health care. I knew I was in good hands and felt like we were in this together. The doctors and nursing staff always answered all of my questions and provided thorough information about all of my options. I am so fortunate and appreciative of the care that I received at RADfertility. They go above and beyond."

Megan L.


"I cannot begin to explain how wonderful RADfertility is. We were frustrated with trying to start a family and it not working for us. The entire team of doctors and nurses made us feel comfortable and hopeful that we would be parents. We experienced so many ups and downs but we never felt like we were on our IVF journey alone, we had our RADfertility team every step of the way. If you're looking for a supportive team on the IVF journey, look no further. RADfertility is the absolute best."

Anonymous on FertilityIQ


"Dr. Schillings always kept us informed and never gave up on us. She always explained our options and risks with each procedure. She called us personally when there were any issues or sensitive subjects to cover. Dr. Schillings was the first doctor that had answers for us and wanted to help us have our miracle baby!"

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