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Making a Difference: FreeLee Life Services

August 31, 2018 – Making a Difference – Keonna Freeman

At RADfertility, we understand that infertility can be a very isolating disease to face. It is important to know you are not alone. The purpose of the Making a Difference series is to highlight the dedicated organizations and individuals in the community available to help you on your journey.

Keonna Freeman
Founder & President

Our patient community is filled with extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. “Learn, Live, Love, and Laugh Freely,” this is the motto for FreeLee Life Services. This also represents their hope for the future by encouraging everyone to live life to the fullest. FreeLee Life Services will assist with funding for women who need help covering fees for infertility and for same sex & transgender couples who need financial assistance toward artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF) or adoption fees.

We had the opportunity to meet Keonna Freeman, the Founder and President, to learn more about the organization’s mission and how they are making a difference now along with their goals for the future.

FreeLee Life Services was founded on April 4, 2016. What was your biggest inspiration?

Keonna: I, being a black woman and a lesbian, have been faced with challenges, barriers and injustices. I’ve been able to overcome many that not everyone can overcome alone, and at times it was stressful and hard. More than anyone realizes, when issues as such arise, a solid support system is needed. Given this, my biggest inspiration in founding FreeLee Life Services was my absolute desire to provide a solid support system, in more ways than one, to improve families throughout the state of Delaware. Our FreeLee Life Services’ Fund was put in place to cover certain expenses for families and communities to thrive.


What is the mission of your organization?

Keonna: FreeLee Life Services’ mission is to promote awareness, unity and stability for minorities, women, and LGBTQ+. Through charity and advocacy, we hope to bring forth a divine sense of hope, love and togetherness throughout our communities. FreeLee Life Services strives to help break down the barriers of struggle and injustice. We encourage everyone to learn, live, love and laugh freely!


In just a few short years, you have participated in many events in the community, can you tell us more about your participation?

Keonna: We have held toy drives within the community, free events such as family movie day and holiday Decoration Day; all at New Castle County Libraries. We’ve chosen families in need to present gift card giveaways, costume giveaways, meal giveaways and toy giveaways for both the fall and winter holidays. We’ve put together small contests to win items such as free movie tickets. Last but not least, we’ve hosted a Skate for Pride event at Christiana Skating Center for LGBTQ+ and were a featured vendor at this year’s Delaware Pride Festival at Legislative Hall in Dover, DE.

What are some of the resources that FreeLee Life Services provides?

Keonna: We provide fundraising resources, we put together events as safe havens for individuals to express and be who they are, and leadership resources that encourage and support all women, minorities and LGBTQ+.


What do you hope to accomplish in the future with The FreeLee Life Services’ Fund?

Keonna: We hope to continue supporting families in need. In the future, we hope to provide monetary assistance for women who face infertility challenges, same sex and transgender couples who need financial assistance toward artificial insemination (AI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or adoption fees, because we love the focus of building families. We also hope to assist with Gender Reassignment Surgery fees for transgender persons.


What advice do you have for others working toward their family building dreams?

Keonna: Our advice is to always keep your faith, always have hope and never lose sight of the love through it all. With these three things, along with support and a solid foundation, your family building will prevail.


How can RAD and the community support The FreeLee Life Services’ Fund?

Keonna: RAD and the community can visit and spread the word about our efforts to serve, visit our website, and share it, as well as make a donation of any amount!


Is there anything we didn’t mention that you feel is important for others to know about your organization?

Keonna: Although our focus is women, minority and LGBTQ+, we are an organization that loves all people and all things. Diversity and inclusion is important to us.

Click here to learn more information about FreeLee Life Services

Click here to visit the FreeLee Life Services’ Facebook Page

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