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RADdad At-Home Sperm Collection Kit

Our RADdad at-home sperm collection kit provides a convenient and discreet alternative to the fertility center setting.

About RADdad – At-Home Sperm Collection Kit

Our RADdad at-home sperm collection kit provides a convenient and discreet alternative to the fertility center setting. The kit can be easily returned by shipping through FedEx. This means your sample is not subject to the 1-hour turnaround time for at-home collection while eliminating the drive to our office locations for drop-off. Your specimen will be analyzed by our team of andrologists and results will be provided as if you had collected in office. In addition to a semen analysis, the kit can also be used for short-term cryopreservation (freezing) of your sperm.

SafeJourney Covid-19 Testing For Our Male Patients Prior to Collection

Our highest priority at RADfertility is the safety of our patients, and we have carefully developed new pathways and protocols to assure high quality and protective care during these times. RAD’s SafeJourney Plan incorporates Covid testing for all of our male patients undergoing semen testing and short-term cryopreservation as part of workup and treatment with our office. Your Patient Coordinator will help schedule the Covid testing with you.

If your physician has provided an outside referral to RAD for a semen analysis, Covid testing will not be required at this time.

Learn more about RAD’s SafeJourney Plan.

RADdad Registration Form

RADdad Registration

This can be found on the outside of your RADdad kit box. It is labeled RD#.
Are you or your partner a current patient at RADfertility? *
Please upload a form of photo identification (A picture of your driver's license or other government issued photo ID) *
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Your Address
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Please read the instructions below.

Mail-In Semen Analysis Instructions

What you will find inside your semen analysis kit:

  • 1 sterile specimen container
  • 1 tube containing collection media
  • A blank specimen identification label
  • 1 plastic biohazard bag
  • 1 FedEx shipping bag
  • 1 tamper seal sticker

Important Notes

  • You must register your kit above before collecting your specimen.

  • Your specimen must be shipped on the day of collection which will be scheduled by your Patient Coordinator.
  • Refrain from all sexual activity/ejaculation (including masturbation and intercourse) for 2-5 days before the analysis. Do not abstain for longer than 5 days.
  • If you do not plan on collecting immediately, please refrigerate your RADdad kit as the enclosed collection media must be stored between 36-46°F.

Step 1: Prepare specimen container for collection

Unwrap the sterile specimen container and remove the lid.

Remove the cap from the tube containing the collection media and carefully pour its entire contents into the specimen container. You may dispose of the empty tube.

Step 2: Specimen Collection

The specimen should be collected directly into the specimen container, that now contains the collection media, by means of masturbation. Please keep in mind the following guidelines when collecting your specimen:

The use of condoms or lubricants (lotion, saliva, water, etc.) is not permitted as it may alter the results.

Avoid touching the inside of the sterile cup and lid as it may alter the results.

If any specimen is spilled, do not attempt to transfer it into the cup. Note any spills on the specimen identification label provided in your kit.

After the specimen is collected, place the lid on the container securely, ensuring that it is properly sealed in order to prevent any leakage.

Step 3: Labeling the Specimen Container

Complete all fields on the specimen identification label. Incomplete labels will render the specimen unacceptable and a new specimen may be required. Once complete, peel off the back of the label revealing the adhesive side and place the label around the outside of the specimen container.

Step 4: Pack and Prepare Specimen Kit for Shipping

Place the specimen container complete with the identification label and the lid tightly secured into the plastic biohazard bag. Close the zipper along the top of the bag. Insert the container back into the foam cutout inside the kit.

Close the kit and use the tamper sticker to seal the box. Place sealed kit in shipping bag provided.

Bring to nearest shipping facility

Please select which service(s) you would like to consent to.

Semen Cryopreservation Consent For Fertility Preservation

The RADfertility Andrology Laboratory is happy to provide storage services for your frozen specimens.

The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Semen Analysis submitted to insurance – fee waived if not covered
  • $175.00 for initial ejaculate or biopsy sample frozen
  • $100.00 for each subsequent ejaculate or biopsy sample frozen
  • $350.00 storage fee paid annually independent of the number of samples frozen

Storage fee is billed one year after initial cryopreservation and annually thereafter; fees are subject to change.

Please read this sperm cryopreservation consent carefully and sign at the bottom.

By signing this consent you agree to the following statements:

  • We will, to the best of our abilities, provide safe storage for all specimens.
  • We will provide continuous storage for all specimens until you request removal of samples from storage or have failed to pay the annual storage fee.
  • We will hold specimens for 3 months after failure to pay the annual fee; after which, the samples will be discarded.
  • It is the responsibility of the patient to contact RADfertility’s Andrology Laboratory with any change of name, address, or desire to discard the samples. Our direct extension is 302-602-8788; the office main number is 302-602-8822.
  • You will be billed annually for the duration of your storage.
  • We cannot be responsible for loss of specimens due to fire, power outage or other uncontrollable events; however, all tanks are connected to alarms that are monitored continuously. Everything, within our power, will be done to protect your frozen samples.
  • You acknowledge that you have read and understand the instructions above.
  • You acknowledge that specimen you will provide is your own.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the instructions above, and that the specimen you will provide is your own.

About Our Laboratory

Our laboratory team leads the way through research and innovation contributing to nationally recognized success rates.

Laboratory Research

RAD is committed to advancing the science and practice of reproductive medicine through education and research.

Embryo Grading

RAD uses the grading scale created by Dr. David K. Gardner to assess blastocyst embryos.


Time-lapse video allows our IVF experts to analyze individual embryo growth.


Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies (PGT-A) is a tool used to optimize the efficiency of IVF, increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.


Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic/Single Gene Defects (PGT-M) and (PGT-SR) are tests that help evaluate embryos for genetic risk factors.

Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is performed in order to assess the viability of sperm before treatment at RADfertility.

RADdad At-Home Sperm Collection Kit

Our RADdad at-home sperm collection kit provides a convenient and discreet alternative to the fertility center setting.

Nicole C. G.


"We had a wonderful experience working with RADfertility. Our doctor was so sweet, informative and helpful with all of our questions. The front desk, it’s always nice to be greeted by a friendly smiling face."



"RAD heard my hopes, dreams, and wishes and led me toward them while holding my hand. My dream came true. I was guided to a beautiful baby girl! It took less than a year for my pregnancy to begin and it was successful. This was the best decision I ever made. Thank you, RAD!"

Christa C.


"From the beginning our team was determined to find a way for my husband and I to complete our family. All the RAD staff was knowledgeable and truly cared for us. We wish we could have continued with them after our baby hit 12 weeks. We thank them daily in our prayers for giving us our beautiful baby girl!"



"We will be forever grateful for the wonderful care we received at RAD! Dr. Feinberg took the time to listen and create a plan we were comfortable with. The whole team was amazing and truly care about their patients. You have exceeded our expectations. Thank you!!"

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"Thanks to RADfertility, we have the most perfect addition to our family. The help and support the whole staff gave us was indescribable. We never once lost hope because of them. We will be forever grateful to each and every person we worked with during our journey."



"Dr. Neithardt was amazing. She explained in great detail all the options we had and put us at ease about the entire process. Everyone has been amazing and I have absolutely no complaints. Today I am 17 weeks pregnant and we only have Dr. Neithardt and her wonderful team at RAD to thank."

Michelle H.


"They are the most amazing team of doctors and care coordinators. After having started at another facility I was so happy to come to RAD. They are truly amazing, never make you feel like just a number and have empathy and compassion every step of the way. They also get the job done! Thanks RAD!"

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"Dr. McGuirk is a very holistic doctor. She doesn’t just treat the fertility issues. She also points out personal health ideas (juicing, whole 30) to help heal/treat the whole patient. She is honest and open. Be open minded and trust in her process. This is a marathon, not a sprint! Dr. McGuirk will be with you the whole way."

Teresa P.


"I will never be able to put into words how thankful we are for RAD. Rhonda was there every step of the way as we were going through the process. Everyone was so welcoming and patient as we asked questions. We were blessed with a daughter, who is now three. I have already recommended and will continue to recommend RAD to people who need help growing their family!"

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